Exquisite Rubber Engineering, Your Vision Refined

Behind every exclusive rubber product from our company lies world-class expertise and boundless innovation. We blend luxury with precision in every detail, creating rubber products that not only stand out but also offer unparalleled customization. From design to realization, we are here to refine the unique vision of every client. With cutting-edge technology, we materialize excellence that meets expectations, making our Rubber Engineering the exclusive choice for those seeking uncompromising quality.

Journey of Quality and Innovation: Vision, Mission, and Norms of PT Agronesia's Inkaba Business Unit in the Rubber Industry

To become a leading company in products and services.

Produce products of the best quality.
Provide excellent service to all stakeholders.

Be honest in words and deeds.
Uphold moral values.

Expert in his field of work.
Uphold professional ethics.

Inkaba: Engineering Excellence Across Manufacturing, Transportation, Mining, and Military Sectors

Inkaba, a pinnacle of engineering prowess, excels across multiple sectors, offering premium solutions in manufacturing, transportation, mining, and military fields.

In manufacturing, our precision-crafted products redefine industry standards, delivering top-notch quality and innovation. In the transportation sector, our solutions drive efficiency and reliability, ensuring seamless operations. Our expertise in mining elevates safety and productivity, while our military-grade solutions prioritize security and cutting-edge technology.

With a commitment to excellence and a legacy of innovation, Inkaba remains the go-to choice for clients seeking superior engineering solutions in varied sectors. Discover how our tailored expertise can elevate your operations and performance across the manufacturing, transport, mining, and military domains.

Manufacture Sector.

Rubber Coupling.
Rubber couplings, an essential component, play a pivotal role in linking shafts to transfer motion and torque.

Rubber Sheets.
Rubber sheets, serving as protective barriers, offer a myriad of functionalities essential in diverse applications.

Rubber Roller.
Rubber rollers are integral components utilized in printing presses for their ink transfer and impression capabilities.

Military Sector.

Rubber Coupling.
Rubber couplings, an essential component, play a pivotal role in linking shafts to transfer motion and torque.

Dock V Fender.
Dock Fender V is a specialized rubber bumper highly regarded for its exceptional energy absorption and robust impact resistance.

Track Shoes.
The specially designed rubber ensures a more secure grip and increased stability during tank operations.

Transport Sector.

Rubber Bellow.
Rubber bellows act as Sunny Protectors, shielding against excessive sunlight exposure and maintaining passenger comfort.

Conical Bonded.
The suspension system's design contributes to noise reduction, enhancing overall travel comfort.

Rubber Coupling.
These couplings are utilized in various industries, from automotive to heavy machinery, for their reliability and functionality.

Mining Sector.

Rubber Elbow.
A Rubber Elbow, often termed a Rubber Elbow Pipe, serves as a rubber-based piping component designed for altering the direction in piping systems.

Rubber Suction Hose.
Suction hoses find extensive use on dredging vessels, facilitating the transportation of mud and gravel mixtures through the creation of negative pressure.

Rubber Screen.
Rubber filters, crafted from rubber-based filter media, exhibit exceptional resistance to abrasion and impact, offering a robust alternative to metal and polyurethane screens.

Driving Excellence: Inkaba's Commitment to Unparalleled Quality and Customer Satisfaction

The Rubber Engineering Industry Division (Inkaba), a part of PT Agronesia, deeply integrates with the growth story of West Java’s state-owned regional enterprises (BUMD). These entities, a mix of regional and limited liability firms, carry a significant heritage dating back to the nationalization of former Dutch Indies Government entities.


Tracing Inkaba's History: From FATERU to Inkaba

Established in 1933 by the Dutch Government as N.V. FATERU (Fabriek Technische Rubberwaren), this rubber factory...

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