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Welcome to PT Agronesia's Inkaba, the avant-garde in Rubber Engineering! Nestled within West Java's burgeoning landscape, our unit specializes in producing top-tier rubber-based solutions such as rubber hoses, rubber suction hoses, and dock v fenders. Embodying a rich historical legacy rooted in the growth of West Java's BUMDs, our division thrives on the principles of customer-centric excellence, superior quality, and relentless innovation.

With a legacy dating back to 1933, our commitment remains unwavering—catering to our clients' needs through cutting-edge products, competitive pricing, and a steadfast dedication to customer satisfaction. Our ethos revolves around professional management, leveraging local resources, prioritizing R&D, and ensuring operational efficiency, all aimed at delivering unparalleled excellence in every interaction.

At PT Agronesia's Inkaba, we don't just offer products; we provide innovative solutions tailored to meet and exceed your expectations. Dive into a world of superior rubber engineering, where quality meets innovation, ensuring your satisfaction at every turn. Explore our range of premium rubber-based solutions and experience a paradigm shift in engineering excellence. Your journey towards superior quality begins here!

Legacy of Excellence: Tracing PT Agronesia's Inkaba Journey in Rubber Engineering Since 1933

Period Before 1945
Established in 1933 by the Dutch Government as N.V. FATERU (Fabriek Technische Rubberwaren), this pioneering rubber manufacturing facility began with modest factory equipment. During the Japanese occupation in Indonesia, the company underwent a transformation, rebranded as 'Priangan Komo Kojo,' and shifted its focus exclusively towards fulfilling the stringent demands of the Japanese military.

Period 1945-1959
After Indonesia gained independence, the company came under Indonesian control. Nevertheless, in 1946, during the second arrival of the Dutch in Indonesia, the company was once again managed by the Dutch government, reverting to the name N.V. FATERU BANDOENG.

Period 1959-1972
Following Law no. 86 of 1958 and State Gazette no. 1962 of 1958, which pertained to the nationalization of Dutch-owned companies in Indonesia, these enterprises fell under the governance of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. As a result, the former entity N.V. FATERU BANDOENG underwent a significant transformation, evolving into PN INKABA (State Company for Bandung Rubber Industry). This transition placed it under the auspices of the Central Industrial and Textile Supervision Agency, with oversight from the Regional War Authority (Peperda) of West Java.

PN INKABA was restructured into the Regional Rubber and Chemical Company (PD. KARKIM), consisting of three distinct units:

  1. Unit 1: PIKAN - Located at JI. Jakarta No. 22 Bandung
  2. Unit 2: INKABA - Situated at JI. Industrial Intersection No. 2 Bandung
  3. Unit 3: KRIDA YUDHA - Positioned at Jl. Jatinegara No. 35 Bandung

This reorganization and renaming aligned the company's functions and locations under a more centralized, regionally supervised structure, allowing for efficient governance and strategic development.

Period 1972-1979
On April 29, 1972, the Regional Government of West Java Province established a rental agreement with a private company in Bandung. As per the Decree of the Governor of West Java, No.133/B/N/PD/72, Units 1 and 2 were leased for the duration spanning from 1972 to May 1, 1979.

Subsequent to this agreement, the management of the company, previously overseen by the private sector, underwent a transformation, adopting the name PT. INKABA BARU. However, in July 1972, a further modification occurred, leading to the company's rebranding as PT. INKABA RUBIN.

These transitions marked pivotal changes in the company's administration, resulting in shifts from a private sector-led management to the establishment of PT. INKABA BARU, culminating in its evolution into PT. INKABA RUBIN.

Period 1979-2002
Since May 1, 1979, the company reverted to management by the Regional Government of West Java Province. Initially known as P.D. Inkaba Chemical Rubber Unit until 1981, a subsequent change occurred under Regional Regulation No. 15 of 1981, leading to the company's name transformation into P.D. Kerta Karkim Inkaba Unit.

In 1999, a significant consolidation took place through Regional Regulation no. 1 of 1999, wherein 10 Regional Companies under the jurisdiction of the Regional Government of West Java Province merged into three distinct entities based on their respective business types. As a result of this restructuring, PD. Kerta Karkim Unit Inkaba underwent another name change, becoming the Regional Industrial Company Unit "Inkaba," as mandated by Regional Regulation No. 3 of 1999. This restructuring expanded the company's operational scope, enabling it to venture beyond the rubber industry into sectors such as food and beverage, textiles, and various other industries, while preserving a focus on the Rubber Industry under the trademark "Inkaba."

This transition signaled a pivotal phase in the company's evolution, aligning with regional regulations to accommodate a broader business spectrum while upholding its core identity in the Rubber Industry under the esteemed brand "Inkaba."

Period 2002-Present

The Regional Industrial Company of West Java Regional Province underwent a significant transformation in its legal structure, transitioning from its prior form to a Limited Liability Company (PT). This shift was enacted in accordance with Regional Regulation No. 4 of 2002, which specifically addressed the alteration in the legal form of the West Java Regional Industrial Company of Level I Province to a Limited Liability Company. The regulation, dated April 12, 2002, was officially promulgated in the 2002 West Java Provincial Gazette under No. 8 Series D.

This legal restructuring marked a fundamental change in the company's organizational framework, converting it into a Limited Liability Company and ensuring compliance with the provisions outlined in Regional Regulation No. 4 of 2002.

Journey of Quality and Innovation: Vision, Mission, and Norms of PT Agronesia's Inkaba Business Unit in the Rubber Industry

To become a leading company in products and services.

Produce products of the best quality.
Provide excellent service to all stakeholders.

Be honest in words and deeds.
Uphold moral values.

Expert in his field of work.
Uphold professional ethics.

Inkaba's Distinguished Certification Portfolio: Elevating Standards in Rubber Industry Excellence

Area Coverage of Excellence: Extensive Reach and Services by PT Agronesia's Inkaba in the Rubber Industry

Asset 2

01. Sumatera
Bandar Lampung, Tanjung Enim, Bangka, Palembang, Padang, Batam, Riau, Medan Aceh

02. Kalimantan
Pontianak, Kalimantan Tengah, Kalimantan Timur, Banjarmasin, Balikpapan

03. Jawa
Bandung, Jakarta, Cilacap, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Cianjur, Cimahi, Cirebon, Sukabumi

04. Sulawesi
Makasar, Pamolaa


07. Irian Jaya

05. Nusa Tenggara Timur
Maumere, Kupang

06. Nusa Tenggara Barat

Empowering Partnerships: Client Engagement with PT Agronesia's Inkaba in the Rubber Industry

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